Clean City Quest
The idea of the project
Is to develop a comprehensive communication campaign to promote an eco-conscious attitude to the cleanliness of the city by developing routes with Telegram quest-bot creating the interactive map. Quest routes will be generated using Telegram bot (involves detecting and informing about wasted areas and organizing cleaning).
Our project solves such tasks as popularization of students' eco-conscious attitude to nature, informing about the location of wasted areas and their cleaning with the help of interactive maps. Informational support in the form of games and competition is important for youth.

How to enterthe chat-bot
Follow the button or QR code on the
Go to the CleanCityQuest chat-bot and click "Розпочати/Start"
Receive an information message from tasks
Enter the CleanCityQuest chat-bot to make your city cleaner. CleanCityQuest will help to find contaminated areas ofyour area and mark this place in the interactive CleanCityMap and, if possible,
organize it's cleaning yourself, or invite concerned citizens.
You can also find us on Instagram
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